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Meeting summary

Get a short and concise meeting summary for easy traceability.

That makes our meeting summary unique

Short and concise summary.

Based on the transcript, Sally automatically creates a short and concise summary of the entire meeting.

The longest meetings are reduced to a few sentences.

Even the longest 4-hour meetings are reduced to just a few sentences for a direct and easy overview.

The most important
at a glance.

You don't have to sift through the entire transcript to get straight to the heart of the appointment.

It's that easy to get one direct overview of the entire meeting:

Meeting summary guaranteed maximum visibility.

Save yourself the hassle of reading through the entire transcript by reading through the AI-generated summary and getting direct insight into the entire meeting.

There you will receive a short and concise description of all topics discussed, reduced to a few sentences.

Lightning-fast to the heart of the meeting!

Regardless of whether it's one, two or even six hours: Sally manages to reduce the longest and most complex meetings to a few and simple sentences so that you can immediately get through to the core topics of the meeting.

In this way, you can quickly find out about topics discussed and avoid unnecessary loss of time due to endless discussions and details.

Optimum traceability, minimal effort.

Unfortunately, you were unable to attend the meeting, but would like to dive into the topic quickly or are you specifically looking for important information regarding the appointment? Our summary offers the ideal solution!

Refine traceability by benefiting from efficient preparation of meeting results.

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