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Sales assistant

The secret weapon of your B2B sales team for 82% more sales success!

This is what makes our sales assistance unique

Support throughout the sales process.

No matter which sub-process - Sally supports your sales wherever support is needed.

Accurate monitoring for powerful results.

Sally successfully monitors sales activities without your permanent supervision.

Tracking your

With Sally at your side, you can implement your sales according to your ideas for maximum success.

Your personal sales assistant for maximum sales success:

Never lose track again about your sales.

Thanks to Sally's intelligent task management and monitoring, you always have an overview of all sales activities. This allows you to effortlessly turn your vision into reality without losing control.

Important tasks are never lost again, and you have the freedom to design sales according to your ideas.

Sell successfully by evaluating the content of sales talks.

Sally transforms your sales staff into star salespeople by evaluating and analyzing customer conversations in terms of content. It analyses how your employees conduct conversations and identifies potential reasons for sales not coming about as well as recurring objections.

Take your sales team to the next level without having to be physically involved in conversations all the time.

Increase data quality and save time through AI-based reporting.

The manual reporting of appointments is not only time-consuming, but also significantly slows down talented sales staff. Thanks to Sally, this is a thing of the past — a simple push of a button is enough to generate a precise report that is seamlessly integrated into the CRM system.

AI ensures seamless data collection and catapults the data quality of your CRM to the next level.

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