task management

Automatic closing

Sally recognizes completed tasks and automatically ticks them off for you.

Sally finished tasks directly for you after they were completed

Sally removes completed tasks from your list.

Sally always takes care of an up-to-date task list, you take care of the next tasks.

Stop endless piling of tasks on your list.

A completed task means more mental capacity for new challenges - Sally helps you with that.

All responsible persons will be notified.

Supervisors and employees involved are informed directly.

Your key to a tidy task list.

Sally automatically ticks off completed tasks and ensures a clear head.

No more worrying about checking off tasks on your list — thanks to Sally, who now does it for you. The AI automatically recognizes when a task is completed and ticks the box for you. This allows you to focus on the next steps in a relaxed manner and keep a clear head.

goodbye, endless stacking in the task list!

Thanks to Sally, endless piling of tasks on your list is a thing of the past. Look forward to a tidy list of tasks and concentrate on your next steps with a clear head.

Strong team communication through automatic notification.

With Sally, your team is always up to date. The automatic notifications inform all employees and supervisors involved directly that a task has been completed. This creates seamless team communication that is effective and targeted. No more delays — your team works together synchronously and efficiently.

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