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Automated reports

Maximum CRM data quality, minimal effort.

This is what makes our automatic reporting unique

A prepared report is completed with the click of a mouse.

Thanks to Sally, documenting appointments is no longer an annoying brake — done with just the push of a button.

Complete documentation for first-class data quality.

Human error is minimized and the reporting hurdle is reduced, which improves data quality in CRM.

Sales success is once again the focus.

Sales experts can focus on sales success again, as reports are no longer a time-consuming brake.

Simple, precise, effective: Sally's contribution to successful documentation:

Reporting in less than 5 seconds for more customer business.

Nothing hinders talented sales experts more than the annoying documentation of customer appointments. But with Sally, this is a thing of the past — a simple push of a button is enough and the AI creates a precise report of the entire appointment based on the transcript. No more worrying about wording or spelling.

The time gained enables sales experts to concentrate more intensively on their customers and thus increase sales success.

Complete documentation for first-class data quality.

The seamless recording and precise documentation guarantee an exact presentation of customer interactions and also ensure first-class data quality. In this way, you can be sure that customer appointments are always kept clean.

In this way, you always have access to reliable information, make well-founded decisions and develop effective sales strategies thanks to the insights you have gained.

Seamless data integration into the existing CRM system.

Our solution goes beyond simple documentation — Sally offers seamless integration into your existing CRM system.

Once created, the reports are integrated directly into the CRM - Sally thus acts as a reliable bridge between the collected customer data and your CRM system.

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