AI assistant

Voice assistant

Talk to your CRM and save yourself time and nerves.

This is what makes our voice assistance unique

Short voice input instead of a long text message.

Save lots of time by no longer having to manually enter important data, but simply enter it into your mobile phone.

Intelligent support no matter where you are.

It doesn't matter whether you're in the office or in the car, Sally is with you anywhere in the world.


Whether at noon or at 2 o'clock in the morning - Sally is always open to your concerns.

No matter which location, device or system: Sally is always ready to go!

Whether it's an office, car or beach: Sally suits you 24/7 from anywhere.

Simply download Sally as an app and benefit from intelligent support - no matter when, no matter where. Connected to your CRM, a simple voice message is enough to receive relevant data in a matter of seconds.

Prepare yourself for appointments, take notes in the CRM or record visit reports easily while driving.

Stop procrastinating - Record your thoughts straight away.

After the customer appointment, drive back to the office, switch on the PC, open the CRM system and fight through dozens of forms - it quickly happens that important information is forgotten since the appointment. But that is a thing of the past with our voice assistant.

A simple “Hey Sally” is all it takes to seamlessly integrate your thoughts into the CRM system. This ensures seamless data maintenance and high data quality.

Never alone again be in customer appointments.

With Sally by your side, you'll never go to customer appointments alone again - Record your thoughts at any time without wasting time and optimize the way you work through seamless integration into the CRM system.

Experience Sally Live in a Non-Binding Demo Call:

In the demo call, we will show you the software in detail, individually tailored to your application and answer all your questions.

Get Sally shown live and in action!

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