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Meeting transcription

Record your meetings in writing without lifting a finger.

This is what makes our meeting transcription unique

Specialized in the German language.

Sally is the number 1 transcription for the German-speaking region.

Industry-specific technical terms are no problem.

Sally even recognizes industry-specific technical terms.

Get the full conversation history.

You not only know what was said, but who said what.

It's never been so easy record the meeting in writing:

Get a full transcript for increased precision.

Record the entire meeting in writing without even having to lift your finger. After the appointment, you will receive a complete transcript, including an agenda and a mention of all interlocutors, absolutely stress-free.

In this way, promote precision, efficiency and correct implementation of agreements.

The number 1 solution for the German-speaking region.

Sally specializes in the German language and is able to recognize industry and company-specific technical terms.

This makes it the number 1 premium solution for the D/A/CH region and is always ready to record your meetings precisely.

No matter which tool: Your digital assistant follows you every step of the way.

As soon as you join a digital meeting, Sally logs in and listens carefully to what is being discussed. Whether it's Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meetings. Sally is compatible with all popular online meeting platforms.

24/7 access to your meeting history.

After the appointment, you'll have easy access to a comprehensive summary of the meeting. This includes not only the entire content of the conversation, but also who made which statements.

You can access the meeting again at any time and understand the course of the discussions and easily find specific information.

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