task management

Automated processing

Complete repetitive tasks at the push of a button.

This is how Sally helps you complete repetitive tasks at the push of a button

Have AI-generated visit reports created.

Automated reports at the push of a button with Sally for efficient visit documentation.

Generate suitable offers with the click of a mouse.

Effortless offer creation with Sally with just one click for efficiency and completeness.

Respond to emails without writing them.

Email responses can be defined promptly and sent within seconds.

Complete tasks with finger snaps

Repetitive tasks are no longer a hurdle.

With Sally, tedious, repetitive tasks no longer become time-consuming obstacles, because she does them at the push of a button. It effectively supports you with repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate fully on the essentials again.

Let Sally handle offers, visit reports, and email responses while you focus on expanding customer relationships and growing the business.

Have visit reports generated automatically.

With Sally, you can generate accurate visit reports based on the transcript at the click of a button. By automatically generating reports at the click of a mouse, you can ensure that no important details are overlooked and that documentation is efficient and accurate.

This leaves more time for strategic decisions and the development of customer relationships.

A suitable offer in a flash Have it ready for your customers.

With Sally, creating offers has never been easier. With a simple click of the mouse, it generates precise offers based on the relevant information. This automated function not only enables time-saving offer preparation, but also ensures that all important elements are taken into account.

AI-generated answers on emails.

Thanks to Sally, you can easily determine what information should be in your email with a simple prompt. The AI then generates a formulated answer, which not only saves time but also ensures efficient and precise communication.

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