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Our story

The history of our company

Starting out as individual freelancers and CRM experts, we decided in 2015 to combine our common strengths. The company that is still behind Sally SalesAI today was born: Aliru GmbH.

With combined strength, numerous certifications and our professional and technical understanding of the Dynamics 365 CRM system, we have always been advising renowned companies such as Freudenberg, Lichtblick, Pin and Deutsche Bahn.

Our mission

Meetings will never be the same again with Sally

CRM systems are complex and confusing - our managing director Julian knew this too. In 2018, he therefore began developing Sally to make the use of CRMs more user-friendly.

Originally a chatbot for field workers, Sally became an advanced language model and eventually an automated transcription tool for meetings.

We are convinced that with Sally, meetings will never be the same again.

The origin story of Sally

December 2015

As a renowned Microsoft & CRM expert, our founder Julian Kissel founded the company that is still behind Sally SalesAI today: Aliru.

His mission: to map complex sales processes of companies in a simple and effective way in CRM so that sales goals can be achieved effortlessly - with success.

He has always generated billions in sales for companies such as Freudenberg, Deutsche Bahn and Lichtblick by optimizing and efficiently implementing their sales strategies.

Julian Kissel, CEO bei Aliru
novembre 2018

After months of work, Sally 1.0 was created

Driven by the mission, the first beta version of Sally was created. Sally started out as a small chatbot that helped create visit reports by asking relevant questions about the appointment after a meeting. The answers from the sales representatives were added directly to the CRM.

The advantage: With Sally, you no longer forget to include relevant topics in the visit report, as the AI asked customer-specific questions, which led to higher data quality.

Abril 2021

The results of the project at Freudenberg and our learnings

Following the implementation at Freudenberg, we analyzed intensively and gained valuable insights. Although we were able to increase the use of CRM, we found that many sales representatives did not see any concrete added value in Sally. The challenge was to create clear benefits and save time. This insight drove us to further develop Sally into a comprehensive tool that not only collects data but also makes everyday work for field staff easier.

February 2022

We're heading for the latest Sally version.

In February 2022, we had a groundbreaking moment. Our team recognized the option of not having to manually write visit reports anymore. The idea was born to integrate Sally into meetings to precisely transcribe conversations and automatically record agenda items. This idea was inspired by the realization that previous tools only worked well in the English language. Our team mobilized all their knowledge and expertise to turn this vision into reality. This gave rise to the idea for a premium transcription tool, which not only records meetings, but also serves as a high-quality tool to make meetings more productive.

Abril 2023

We're heading for the latest Sally version.

To date, over 25,000 sales employees worldwide use Sally SalesAI to optimize their administrative activities. Aliru, the company behind Sally, has over 25 dedicated employees.


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