Online meetings

Transcripts, summaries, and task recognition: Sally is your complete online meeting assistant.

This is what makes the integration into your online meeting tool so unique:

A second pair of ears in your online meetings.

Sally listens carefully to your meetings — she simply doesn't miss anything and meticulously transcribes the entire meeting.

Short and concise summary.

It abbreviates the entire transcript in a few key sentences so that you can get the most important things at a glance.

Recognition of all tasks that have arisen in the meetings.

Sally recognizes all tasks that arise and writes them down with a specific description so that nothing is lost again.

The smart solution for meetings and task management:

Your personal meeting assistant for maximum focus on the customer.

Sally connects easily to leading online meeting tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meeting. She becomes your reliable assistant who creates a precise transcription after every meeting. Sally ensures that you stay focused on the content while she takes care of the detailed documentation.

Easy information retrieval through a precise summary.

Sally acts like your second pair of ears in online meetings. With maximum attention, she not only creates a precise transcript, but also summarizes the points discussed briefly and concisely in just a few sentences. This means that obtaining information afterwards is not more efficient and pleasantly uncomplicated.

Identification of tasks that have arisen leads to optimal post-processing.

Sally goes beyond transcription by recognizing all tasks that have arisen and recording them precisely as task descriptions. No more risk that something will be lost or misunderstood afterwards. Sally ensures that everyone immediately knows what needs to be done and thus contributes to efficient work processes after meetings. Discover the ease of worry-free post-processing thanks to Sally's intelligent support.

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