task management

Recognition in meetings/emails

Conveniently get all the tasks you have completed as a clear list without moving a muscle.

How Automatic Task Recognition Works

Sally scans meetings and email inboxes.

AI searches specifically and precisely for tasks that have arisen.

Preparation of a precise task list.

You will receive a list of all open tasks with crystal-clear descriptions.

Important tasks are always available at a glance.

Always receive a task list, without any manual intervention on your part, for maximum freedom of mind.

Clear your mindby never having to keep track of all tasks at once again.

Accurate task recognition for Clarity and efficiency.

Sally scans all meetings and emails for tasks that have been completed and creates a precise task list with detailed descriptions. As a result, everyone knows exactly what steps need to be taken next to effectively implement the meeting results.

Never lose important tasks again out of sight.

From meeting straight to doing: The automatic assignment of tasks takes place right after the appointment and ensures seamless handover to employees.

The tasks are presented clearly and precisely, without you even having to lift a finger or chew on the topics discussed a second time. This saves valuable time and turns your team into a productivity machine.

seamless processing of all tasks, without wasting time

Once tasks are identified and assigned, team members can start working right away without wasting valuable time manually assigning them. No task is left unfinished, as Sally ensures that every step is precisely recorded and put into action.

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