meeting management

Intelligent structuring

Lightning-fast information retrieval with precise highlights.

This is what makes our intelligent structure unique

Divide the meeting into highlights.

Sally divides the meeting into sub-categories in order to structure the meeting clearly.

You always know who said something.

Sally always assigns the appropriate interlocutor to every spoken sentence.

Find the right meeting moment at the push of a button.

Jump to the desired moment in the meeting in under two seconds and immediately find what you need.

Provide automatically created highlights direct overview of the meeting jungle:

Intelligent division into highlights for Lightning-fast information retrieval.

Sally divides the meeting into special highlights and sub-categories of conversation with precise time stamps, for a direct and easy overview.

This gives you exactly the information you need directly and without detours.

At the click of a mouse at the desired moment.

Don't waste time and click on the automatically created time stamps to go straight to the desired location and easily find important information.

Not only will you receive the information you need in record time, but you also know exactly who contributed something to the conversation.

Find faster, understand better: Sally's meetings with accurate videos.

Sally not only writes along, but also records them as videos. By simply navigating using the precise time stamps, it is possible to go directly to the relevant video moments.

This approach makes it much easier to efficiently follow up meetings and speeds up the search for specific information.

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