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CRM assistant

Up to 92% less admin effort in CRM for 100% customer focus.

This is what makes our CRM assistant unique:

Talk to CRM instead of clicking through a thousand masks.

Simply communicate with your CRM to save time and stress, instead of wasting through complicated forms.

Reduce administrative costs to a minimum.

Sally minimizes administrative burden in CRM so sales professionals have more time and focus on their customers.

Stay competitive with insights generated by AI.

Sally quickly analyzes CRM data for important business insights that help your business grow.

More customers, less paperwork with the revolutionary CRM interface.

Minimal administrative burden for maximum sales success.

Instead of laboriously searching or documenting in CRM, your sales department simply writes a chat message to Sally. The AI understands every question, no matter how complex, and answers the request. In this way, your sales department receives answers in 3 seconds that they would otherwise have to search for up to 2 weeks.

This impressive time gain enables sales experts to focus on the essentials of sales again: success in sales!

Gather decisive insights in the blink of an eye and stay competitive.

In a matter of seconds, Sally analyses thousands of CRM data and provides essential insights that contribute significantly to the growth of the company, such as competitive weaknesses, main reasons for selling or optimization options.

These insights open up new perspectives for your company to increase efficiency in business processes and you avoid downtime.

Data entry by voice command, instead of tedious typing by hand.

With our artificial intelligence, we enable lightning-fast data entry into the CRM system using the simplest voice commands.

Sales representatives therefore never have to enter annoying manual data again, but can simply tell the AI what they want to enter and the note is seamlessly integrated into the CRM system.

Access all CRM knowledge by snapping fingers.

CRM systems are confusing and complex. Even the simplest search for information can easily take half an hour. With Sally, this is a thing of the past: all you have to do is share what you're looking for and she'll go through the entire CRM system for you.

Within a few seconds, you'll get the precise information you need - annoying searches in CRM, yesterday's snow!

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In the demo call, we will show you the software in detail, individually tailored to your application and answer all your questions.

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