task management

Status monitoring

AI-based real-time notifications and automatic status tracking.

This makes our status monitoring unique

Regular status checks on important tasks.

Sally always knows how far a task has progressed.

Notification when the task is completed.

When the task is completed, it is automatically removed from the list and the manager is informed.

Save time through transparent communication.

Sally always keeps you informed about progress - Constant inquiries are a thing of the past.

No more annoying questions! The AI always tells you the task status:

Automatic status monitoring for efficient task management.

Sally continuously monitors the progress of tasks in the team. Through regular status checks, it ensures that no tasks are overlooked.

This automatic monitoring ensures smooth task management, saves time and ensures that nothing is overlooked.

Exoneration of the managing director through instant notifications.

As soon as a task is marked as completed, the managing director is immediately notified. This means that important developments in the team are immediately on his radar, without him having to ask questions manually.

The seamless communication gives the managing director the freedom to focus on the essentials — the growth and direction of the company.

Transparent communication and motivated teams through completion notifications.

Sally promotes transparent team communication through automatic completion notifications. Every team member receives immediate feedback after completing a task, which increases productivity and strengthens team engagement, as everyone immediately sees their contributions and successes recognized.

This clear recognition creates a motivating work environment in which every achievement is appreciated.

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