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Task assistant

Maximum overview of all tasks for maximum success.

Vollwertiger Aufgabenassistent
This is what makes our task assistant unique

Task recognition.

Sally recognizes every task that has been created from meetings and the mailbox so that nothing important is ever lost again.

Assignment to responsible employees.

Once the task has been identified, the AI automatically forwards it to responsible employees for a smooth process.

status check.

Sally regularly checks the task status and checks them off immediately after completion so that you don't have to do it anymore.

Give up the micromanagement and take care Back to the important things:

Increased control for maximum scalability.

Sally is your complete solution for managing and managing your tasks - get intelligent support for monitoring, controlling and assigning tasks for maximum overview of all team interactions.

Never lose control again and focus on growing your business worry-free while Sally takes care of task management.

Never lose sight of tasks again thanks to automatic task recognition

Sally automatically captures all tasks from meetings and emails without relying on human input. She then formulates precise task descriptions to enable seamless processing.

This ensures that important tasks are no longer overlooked and that work processes can be made more efficient and targeted.

Seamless editing through intelligent distribution of tasks.

AI not only recognizes tasks, but also intelligently automatically forwards them to responsible employees so that no time is lost during distribution. Responsible employees receive a concise job description without supervisors having to bat an eye.

Always up to date thanks to Sally's status monitoring.

Sally's status monitoring ensures that you are always informed about the current status of all tasks in the team. It regularly checks how far a task has progressed and lets you know as soon as one of your employees has completed the task.

Avoid time-consuming questions and always stay informed about the latest progress in your team.

Sally automatically ticks off completed tasks for a free head.

Everyone knows it: Endless task lists. The reason for this is usually that we forget to check off the tasks after completing them. With Sally, this oblivion is now a thing of the past!

It does this for you by automatically removing completed tasks from your list. The result: a free list of tasks and a free mind.

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