CRM system

Have the meeting notes saved directly to your CRM and catapult your data quality to the next level.

This is what makes the integration into your CRM so special:

Administrative costs are reduced to a minimum.

Reduce up to 92% of admin workload in CRM and never lose track of things again.

An end to complexity and confusion.

Thanks to Sally, CRM systems will be easy to use, leading to increased usage.

High-quality data through intelligent support.

AI ensures that everything important is precisely and seamlessly integrated into the CRM.

The revolutionary CRM interface for your sales:

Up to 92% less CRM effort through smart support.

Whether it's Dynamics 365, Salesforce or other CRM platforms: Sally integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM system and from there becomes your intelligent assistant for efficient customer relationship management.

Never lose track of your customer contacts again and organize information in a flash. Sally allows you to seamlessly navigate between your CRM system and other tools to ensure smooth and effective management of your customer relationships.

Never again through thousands of CRM masks are struggling.

CRM systems are complex and confusing - it can quickly happen that you search for simple information for up to half an hour. With Sally, however, this problem is a thing of the past.

Save time by simply telling the CRM Assistant what you need and get accurate information right away. This not only saves time, but also nerves and money.

Increased data quality and lightning-fast input.

Thanks to the optimized structure and intelligent algorithms, you can capture data precisely and in record time. The result is not only a significant time saving, but also an improvement in data quality, which in turn forms the basis for well-founded decisions. Experience the ease of efficient data entry and the security of accurate information — a win-win situation for your company.

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